Monday, 12 September 2016


After looking at all of the different tribes I find it hard to identify with one completely, but I think I fit into the Mainstream tribe the most out of all of them. I probably fit into the Townies section of this tribe because of my taste in music and fashion. When buying clothes, I get most of my clothes from Topshop and Zara as this fits in more with my style. However, when I do go shopping there I don't go in to buy the clothes that everybody else is wearing. I am interested in keeping up to date with fashion and owning the basics, but I like having my own individual style and picking out items that I haven't seen many people wearing but aren't too 'out there' either. To be honest, it's hard to be out there when pretty much all of my clothes are black, grey or white. I would say that I follow a lot of the trend however there are some trends that I really hate, e.g. slogan t-shirts, that I won't buy for the sake of being 'on-trend'. In this way I fit in to the Townies category as I wouldn't class myself as 'fashion-forward', I definitely just go along with things and try not to stand out too much. The music I listen to would probably be considered mainstream because I do like songs that are in the charts, although I do get bored of them very quickly. I prefer to make my own playlists made up of a few current chart songs but mostly of songs by smaller artists and bands that I don't have to listen to on repeat everywhere I go. It is more likely for me to like a song a couple of weeks after it has gone out of the top 10 then for me to like it when it's in the charts because I hate when songs are overplayed. The songs I put into my playlist are made up of many different genres but are similar to the songs people would listen to on the radio. The only difference is that the songs are just by smaller artists that not many people know of, their style of music would still probably be classed as a mainstream.

I would say that I am similar to the singer Nina Nesbitt in terms of style because we both stick to a monochrome colour scheme, adding pops of colour every now and then. Even though she will wear all-black outfits sometimes, they don't look boring or identical to everything else that she wears. Her outfits are usually made up of basic items but from different brands and in slightly different styles and this is something that I usually do when buying clothes. In the same way that I don't like to stand out in a crowd, her clothing never makes her stand out either but she still looks really nice (sometimes less is more). One of her signature looks is black boots, black jeans/ripped jeans and a cami, which is one of the typical outfits that I would reach for or put together myself if I was in a rush.

I don't think that I model myself off of anybody because I think it's important to really know your own style and not to copy somebody else's completely. However, that doesn't mean that I don't take inspiration from other people's clothing and style because I do, I just don't look at one person's style in particular. Most of the time I get inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram and sometimes adapt outfits to fit my style. It is impossible to create a style without being influenced and getting inspiration from other people. To an extent everybody gets inspiration from everybody, sometimes that might be what not to wear but it can be something that we think fits our style.

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